Battlegrounds Player Gets Up To Take Pee Break, Chaos Ensues

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“Is it OK if I take a short pee break?” PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds player Firefly asks his duos partner as the two hunker down in a house. “Sure,” replies his partner. “I’ve got you.” Then all hell breaks loose.

While Firefly is away, his character prone near a window, his partner diligently sweeps the area, taking care to ensure that Firefly is unharmed. Seconds later, however, the sounds of a vehicle grow louder and louder. Then: gunfire.

It’s pretty amazing to watch from Firefly’s perspective. His character lies there motionless as a couple murderous randos encircle the windows right next to him, and bullets riddle the walls just above his head. Firefly’s partner, meanwhile, frantically darts around the room, playing a tense game of positioning with his newfound (and very unruly) neighbors. Firefly’s partner eventually goes outside to try and press the action. More bullets fly. Glass shatters. An echoing shotgun blast. Firefly’s partner heals himself. Things seem to be looking up.


Then Firefly finally returns, only for his partner to immediately go down. “I’m getting killed!” his partner shouts, panicked. Firefly proceeds to spring into action, bolting outside and effortlessly mowing down one of his partner’s assailants. The other runs at him, and he strikes that one down like a damn bolt of lightning.

After that, he runs to revive his faithful companion. “I was so scared!” his partner bellows. He was trying to distract the enemy duo, he explains, but it went horribly wrong. Still, get you a partner who protects your empty husk of a body the way Firefly’s did for him. Chicken dinner ain’t shit compared to friendship, the most fulfilling meal of all.

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Serious question, am I able to pick this game up now and have fun or am I too behind? I feel like the learning curve is steep and I’m late to the party.