Battlefield Heroes Two Million Strong And Updating

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More than 2 million players have signed up free-to-play online shooter Battlefield Heroes, and EA celebrates with the free "Heroes of the Fall" game update, complete with a new map in stylish fall colors.


The Battlefield Heroes community continues to grow in leaps and bounds, having added an additional 1 million players since the first million was announced back in June of this year. It turns out gamers love free things. They also love free updates to free things, and that's what EA is giving them with the "Heroes of the Fall" game update, due out September 30th, in celebration of this latest milestone.


The fall update includes changes to the gunner class that our resident BFH enthusiast Luke mentioned previously, a new ranking system, and a new fall-themed map that players can submit names for at the official website.

"Along with this new map, ‘Heroes of the Fall' includes a slew of changes including upgrades of the Gunner class and improvements to the friends system," said Ben Cousins, General Manager, Battlefield Heroes team. "We've also added a brand new ranking system for the game – players can earn cool new titles for their heroes as they play – showing everyone on the battlefield how dedicated they are."

Dedication comes quite easily when the price of entry is free. A lesson for all of us!

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