Battlefield Heroes Recruits 1 Million

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EA is quickly discovering the joys of free-to-play games as web-based Battlefield Heroes surpasses the one million player mark right out of the gate.


The cartoon version of DICE's award-winning combat sandbox game slipped quietly into open beta last month, and the lure of the word 'free' worked it's magic, bringing in the hungry, tired, huddled masses yearning for something they didn't have to pay for if they didn't want to.

"The team is really proud to have hit 1 million registrations at this early stage," said Ben Cousins, General Manager, Battlefield Heroes Team. "Creating a character and gameplay experience that is totally yours is what sets this game apart – your hero can be anything from a bazooka-toting pirate, a grenade-throwing ninja or even a mime assassin!"


Now that the reviews have begun trickling out and EA has seen fit to issue a press release, those numbers will only grow.

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Meh, I've been playin since it got outta beta stage, (I've had a beta invite for ages, but didn't feel like trying)

I gotta say, I DON'T like the game, however, it's addictive as weed :P

And leveling is really hard if you play ocassionally (gotta jump to bootcamp each time I wanna play)

But, hey! it's free, and fun to play. I even created a character for my 11 year-old nephew, and he's already kicking arses.

It's hard to believe there's just 1 million players, you know, being free, easy to setup, free, web based, free... I guess people is more interested in BF 1943 right now :P