Battlefield Heroes Recruits Vampires & Werewolves After The Twilight

When night falls in the free-to-play shooter Battlefield Heroes, out come the creatures of the night with the addition of new vampires and werewolves to the web-based multiplayer shooter.

Ripped from today's young adult fiction—or, if you prefer, a handful of Underworld films and decades of fantasy—the Battlefield Heroes war takes a turn for the supernatural with a month-long special event. Battlefield Heroes players can purchase all-new outfits and items that will transform the deceased from the Nationals side into vampires, the freshly dead Royals into lycanthropes.


And you can do it on three maps reworked to be 100% spookier with nighttime settings. To get yourself properly pumped up for Battlefield Heroes' foray into the fang war, watch this new trailer for the Vampires Vs. Werewolves event.

Vampires Vs. Werewolves [Battlefield Heroes]

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