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Battlefield 4 Trailer Leaks Online

To accompany the screenshots we showed you earlier in the day, it looks like a low-res trailer for Battlefield 4 has turned up live a little early ahead of its official reveal.


The clip, carrying UK ratings, was uploaded by YouTube user MrTheoth.

Given the amount of voice-overs, cinematic first-person "moments" like being helped to your feet, an emphasis on characters and some staged sequences, including an underwater section and some fancy indoor shooting, it appears - again, like the screens - to mostly cover singleplayer content.


We'll have more Battlefield 4 content for you later in the evening.

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God. Damn. I'm. Excited.

Even if they only show off single player footage, I don't care. Battlefield 3's single player was mediocre, but I've always loved the Bad Company campaigns. If Battlefield 4's campaign got as much attention as Bad Company 2 did, I'll be happy.

Also, Thunder Run is still my favorite mission in any military shooter that isn't named Spec Ops: The Line.