Battlefield 3's Latest TV Spot Goes "Above and Beyond the Call"

As promised last week, EA delivers the full version of its "99 Problems" Battlefield 3 TV spot today, unveiling never-before-seen gameplay footage and a new tagline aimed right between Modern Warfare 3's eyes.


At this point we've accepted that Battlefield 3 looks gorgeous, so we'll not harp on the visuals. Instead, let's turn our attention to the new tagline at the end of this TV spot. It reads "Above and Beyond the Call", an obvious dig at Call of Duty, the Activision franchise EA hopes to unseat as king of the military online first-person shooters.

How should Call of Duty fans react? I'd suggest measured, focused rage. Don't fly off the handle; stay firmly planted on the handle and toss your vicious retorts with military precision.

As for Activision, I'm hoping the company reveals the new tagline for Modern Warfare 3 to be "Fuck Battlefield in Its Stupid Ass", which is probably why I'm not in marketing.

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Just wait until school lets out at 2:30 and all of the CoD fans see this. It's war.