Battlefield 3 Sweepstakes Weekend Thanks Players (for not Playing Modern Warfare 3)

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We've seen what Battlefield 3 can do, and now it's Modern Warfare 3's turn, or is it? EA is hosting a special sweepstakes weekend for Battlefield 3 players, giving everybody that plays between November 11-13 a chance to win a trip to DICE's Stockholm, Sweden headquarters, a game system of their choice, or $5,000 cash.


It's go time in the war between Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, and while I'm of the mind that both can coexist, not everyone is so sure. With that in mind it's hard to ignore the timing of EA's Battlefield 3 sweepstakes weekend, offering prizes for players that log into online multiplayer matches between this Friday and Sunday. Players will score an entry each day they log into the game, giving them three chances at scoring some Battlefield 3 loot.

There are three prizes to be had, the biggest of which is a trip for the winner and three friends to Stockholm to see where Battlefield 3 was made. They'll be set up in a pair of double occupancy hotel rooms for three days and four nights, and each traveller will score $1,000 to spend on their trip, which will buy TONS of chewy cherry fish. The second prize is the equivalent of $5,000 USD in cash, and the third prize is the winner's choice of a gaming system. They can pick from a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Alienware gaming PC.


Go for the PC. Sell the PC. Buy both gaming consoles, or several cheaper PCs.

Those are some rather sexy prizes, more than enough to keep a few potential Modern Warfare 3 fans logging in over the weekend. And hey, even if you don't play Battlefield 3 there's an email address in the official rules where gamers can enter without playing. I guess for those folks this is the Thanks for Sending Us an Email Sweepstakes.

Battlefield 3 Says Thanks Sweepstakes [Official Rules]

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This makes EA and Battlefield look weak.