Battlefield 3 Strikes Karkand In New Action-Packed Trailer

Battlefield 3 is already a terrific game, but the Back To Karkand expansion adds more explosive content. Here is the new "Strike At Karkand" trailer, showing us our first extended look at gameplay footage.


The first trailer displayed a general overview of the expansion, including the locales in which we would be fighting.


Back to Karkand features new weapons, vehicles, and classic maps from Battlefield 2. It will be released this December, free for those who bought a copy of the Limited Edition of Battlefield 3, or available on the same date at $14.99/1200 Microsoft Points.

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Rash Bandicoot

Ever since Mirrors Edge, DICE have been doing amazing trailers with great music. It really adds tone, and gives the graphics/game a very nice aesthetic.