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Battlefield 3 PC and Xbox 360 Still Struggling With Server Issues

A flurry of tweets from the official Battlefield 3 twitter lets everyone know that they are aware of the network issues plaguing the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game. The team said in separate tweets that they are working to resolve network service issues affecting the PC version and are aware that they are experiencing problems with their 360 servers.


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Pepe Thunder

This is somewhat relevant to the topic and it can be very helpful (Only know of this issue and fix on the PS3 version)

When you make a squad on the menu screen and attempt to join a game it tends to break up the squad and sometimes it even puts you on opposing teams. What we found out was that if you create a platoon on Battlelog, both become members and then join a game on the server browser (Make sure it has plenty of free spots) then the squad you created will work as it should.

I posted this because it was a pain to be disconnected and then having to try to join a game on the same team for 10 minutes and I'd like to save anyone I can the grief.