Battlefield 2042 | Season 2: Master of Arms Gameplay Trailer

We didn’t just magically arrive at this point, of course, as most of the game’s updates have come in the form of its first two Seasons. I’ve covered Season 01 already, which was surprisingly fun, and Season 02 dropped last week. Fortunately (?) I was off work with Covid last week and so got the chance to play the hell out of it, and I came away once again impressed with the way everything about it is just so much more interesting and enjoyable than what was available at launch.


The new armoured vehicle, sitting somewhere between the LATV4 and the Wildcat in terms of its speed, protection and firepower, was a blast to drive around. Between its passenger capacity and ability to drop spawn points, it’s already a recon player’s favourite. Crawford, the new Specialist, has a mobile minigun turret, which is as stupid and fun to use as it sounds. The best part of Season 02 though is the new map, which I was down on at first glance, but is actually in practice just three long “lanes” (a desert area for vehicles, a ship’s interior for close-quarters infantry bloodbaths, and a sniper’s paradise among some palm trees), offering three completely different playstyles that are all just a quick jog away.

So yeah, both of Battlefield 2042's Seasons have been great, breathing life into a game many would have thought had landed Dead On Arrival. Remember, though: AAA games, especially persistently online ones like this, are usually too big to fail, for better or worse, and 2042's slow improvement after such a disastrous release is the latest example of this.