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Battlefield 1’s Winter Update Adds Ribbons, Increases Class Level Cap

Illustration for article titled iBattlefield 1/i’s Winter Update Adds Ribbons, Increases Class Level Capem/em

Numerous changes are coming to Battlefield 1 as part of a winter update. Alongside the expansion pack They Shall Not Pass, the game will see changes to class rankings and the addition of combat ribbons.


In a blog post today, the Battlefield 1 team outlined some new additions that will come in the game’s winter update. Chief among these are combat ribbons. In previous titles, ribbons were in-game commendations given to players for completing certain tasks in a round.

By killing enemies with a specific weapon type or completing objective, players could earn extra experience. Adding them to Battlefield 1 should encourage people to play the goddamn objective and make up for the less than stellar medal system. Expansion to class ranks from a max rank of 10 to 50 will also drive players to focus on their roles. I need competent medics who revive, dang it!

Additionally, more information is getting revealed about the new expansion They Shall Not Pass, which focuses on the French army. jackfrags has outlined the history of the new guns which include the bizarre looking Chauchat light machine gun and its moon shaped magazine.


They Shall Not Pass will add new operations and a new elite class: the Trench Raider. With the winter update adding more incentives for squad play and They Shall Not Pass adding new fronts, Battlefield 1 is off to a strong start in 2017.

Former Senior Writer and Critic at Kotaku.

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Big Battlefield fan, but really bummed with how “meh” BF1 has been so far. I think my biggest complaint is the progression just doesn’t seem rewarding enough. So I don’t feel the same excitement from playing and lvling up as before.