Battleborn Drops To $40 Just In Time For Overwatch

Illustration for article titled Battleborn Drops To $40 Just In Time For Overwatch

Just three weeks after launching, Gearbox’s hero shooter Battleborn is already down from $60 to $40 both at retail and digital. And oh, hey, did you know that Overwatch goes live today?


It’s quite the coincidence that Blizzard launched the Overwatch beta on the day Battleborn came out, and it’s even more of a coincidence that Battleborn is getting a $20 price drop on the day Overwatch comes out. Who knows what these two lovable scamps will do next?

Even Battleborn’s digital deluxe editions are down to $40, just in case you’re looking for a new video game that’s not Overwatch. Meanwhile, Overwatch will be live at 7pm Eastern.

Still no word on Battlecry.



Wow. As someone who pre-ordered and very much enjoys Battleborn, I’m...kinda pissed. I suppose I shouldn’t be, having bought a game I enjoy, but I am.