One of the more impressive things about DC Comics' New 52 reboot is how they've made horror and superheroics co-exist, without either genre seeming diminished. Whether it's the Rot turning Animal Man's life upside down or Batman's encounter with I, Vampire's Andrew Bennett, the mystical terrors that surface in the new continuity don't seem like they're afraid of the science-powered do-gooders.

But it's a case of magic vs. magic in Justice League Dark #7. It's part of a two-title crossover with I, Vampire that sees the misfit super-team—with members like Deadman, John Constantine and Madame Xanadu—heading to Gotham as a vampire infestation turns Batman's hometown even bloodier than normal. I'm liking the looks of Daniel Sampere's art here, as it ramps up the realism while pairing well with a saturated color palette. But, man, Shade the Changing Man isn't being terribly helpful, is he? Then again, Batman's not even around and he's the guy always talking about "this is my town." Whatever, Bruce.



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