Batman Tells Booster Gold to Man Up in This Justice League International #6 Preview

Once upon a time, the heroes of Justice League International laughed. At enemies, at circumstances, even at each other. Those days are long gone, but DC Comics' New 52 reboot has revived the concept of a global team of superheroes. The tone's changed but many of the face remain the same, with Batman, Booster Gold, Green Lantern Guy Gardner and Ice.

Written by Dan Jurgens and drawn by Jurgens and a crew of artists, the book's been a spotlight on Booster Gold, the superhero who seems more concerned with endorsements and his Q-rating than saving the world. Booster's the leader of the team but has had Batman shadowing him. The preview pages from issue 6 highlight Booster's insecurity around leading a crew of heroes from Brazil, China and Norway, with an aggro power ring-wielding American giving him crap. Batman—an expert when it comes to getting over crappy situations—does what Batman does. He tells Booster to sack up. Issue 6 of Justice League International will be out next Wednesday in comics shops and digital comics storefronts everywhere. Click each page for a larger version.



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