Batman Spike Special Tonight Includes Kotaku Cameo

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Thank you, Spike TV, for making me look tall. And for labeling my fellow games reporters as "the most evil villain of them all." It's all part of the channel's new Batman: Arkham Asylum special.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Launched premieres tonight on Spike at midnight eastern and pacific.

The half-hour show features just one soundbite from me, but plenty of comments from the game's voice-actors and developers. You've got Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy describing their roles as the Joker and Batman. And you have the development team at Rocksteady showing off concept art, a prototype level and explaining their take on the Batman lore.


Plus, host Geoff Keighley dons a mo-cap suit. Geoff, you've never looked more stylish.

Here's a promo:

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Did you have to guarantee a review score of 90% or higher to get on the show?

I'm sure the game's going to be fantastic, but it's pretty clear Eidos _did_ pull their shenanigans with review scores and early embargo breaks, despite their wholesale denial of doing so. If you followed the review scores posted on Metacritic, the first 6 reviews were all 95% or more, giving the game a way inflated early overall rating. Only in the last few days has the score dipped because several publications have given it scores in the 80-85% range. Currently it's at 91% on both consoles.

Does it make a difference for me? Probably not— I was buying the game after I played that GameStop demo 3 months ago. But does it call into question (yet again) the integrity of publications that review games? Yep.