Batman Gets Retro and New-School Looks in Arkham City Lockdown iOS Update

The people behind Batman's video games seem to think that players can never have enough Batsuits. Loads of variant outfits—some free, some not—have been pushed out for both Arkham City and the iOS spin-off Arkham City Lockdown. The latest update to the Dark Knight's portable adventure includes more new looks, including one from a graphic novel that's not even out yet.


DC Comics announced Batman: Earth One two years ago as a modern-day reset for Bruce Wayne's alter ego. But that book still hasn't come out, despite promises that it'd hit shelves in 2010. Making an Earth One Batsuit available to purchase for $0.99 seems a bit odd. It's a sharp design but there's not been an actual book to create any more attachment to it. If you're a comic reader of a certain age like me, the free 1970s Batsuit that's also part of this update will bring back memories of artwork by Jim Aparo and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. But readers don't even know if the Earth One version of Batman will even be cool at all.

Arkham City Lockdown's 1.1 update also delivers iCloud support so you'll be able to continue the same game from multiple devices. You can grab it on the App Store right now.


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