Batman Games Look Best in Black and White

To this day, Batman: Arkham City remains a visually striking game. The grand, gothic feel of the comics was well-captured by art director David Hego and his team at Rocksteady. But I've never seen the game look quite like this.

These shots, captured by video-game screenshot master Duncan Harris at Dead End Thrills, go beyond his normal high-res, modded approach. By doing some clever Photoshop modding magic, Arkham City becomes the setting of a black and white noir photography series. (Note: I'd earlier incorrectly said that these shots were Photoshopped, but Harris tells me that he made the shots by modding the shader and texture combo when you pause the game. Whoa!)


These shots also recall the game's striking box art, which, sadly, Warner Bros. completely ruined in the Game of the Year edition.


More shots over at Dead End Thrills.

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