Batman Game Exists, But Is In Limbo, Says EA "Insider"

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We already know a new Batman game is in development. IGN accidentally spilled the beans, Gary Oldman accidentally spilled the beans, that's too many spilled beans. But...if it's been in development for so long, where, uh, is it? There's been no official announcement from the rumoured publishers, EA or the rumoured developer, Pandemic. No screens, no vids, no press releases, nothing. Speaking under the condition of anonymity with the Associated Press, an "EA Manager" may have revealed why. Not only has this insider given further confirmation that the game's currently in development, but has seemingly given AP a laundry list of potential reasons for the delay, which they say range from Heath Ledger's death to "missed deadlines" to "questionable quality", amongst others. None of which sound particularly promising. 'Dark Knight' reigns not in video game [AP, via MCV]



I kinda feel like the movie shouldn't be made into a game at all. I didn't think the point of the movie was really about Batman comboing scores of bad guys. It was about issues like the fight for Harvey Dent's soul. Trying to reduce it into a brawler is gonna have the same issues that turning Fight Club into a fighting game had.