Batman: Arkham City's Mockery of Lost is Funny

I first realized that Batman: Arkham City had Lost jokes in it when I overheard one of the game's thugs complaining about how the show explained the famous TV show's mysterious island.


A reader pointed me to a better joke, one Tweeted about by Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof, who noted: "Crud. Now I've gone and pissed off the Joker. ... (touche, ARKHAM CITY)".

Someone else says they heard numbers being repeated and they thought it was a reference to Call of Duty: Black Ops. Lost fans will probably see different inspiration there.

The references aren't random, nor do they necessarily come from a mere fan. Arkham City was written by Paul Dini. The man's credits also include the role of story editor, early on for a TV show called Lost.

Now, someone let me know if <em<Arkham City reconciles the fact that Desmond was crap at making predictions, so crap that one of the other characters, believing Desmond knew what he was talking about, sacrificed himself to enable a future event that never happened! Stupid Demons, your poor prognostication made a mockery of the emotional hook of Season 3. You dope.

For the record, I thought the Lost series finale was superb. Most of the season leading up to that... not so superb.

Batman: Arkham City - Lost reference [YouTube, via Twitter]

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