Batman: Arkham City Xbox 360 Bundle Shows Up on German Amazon [Update]

Illustration for article titled emBatman: Arkham City/em Xbox 360 Bundle Shows Up on German Amazon [Update]

A listing for Batman Arkham City Xbox 360 Bundle popped up on Amazon's German site over night.

The bundle seems to include a copy of the game, a single controller, a headset and a black 250GB Xbox 360. The 360 doesn't appear to have any sort of branding, which is a bummer. I was hoping it would say "I'm Batman," in Michael Keaton's voice every time you booted it up.

The bundle is listed at 279.99 Euro with an Oct. 21 ship date.

Update: Microsoft says the bundle is currently not bound for North America. :(

Xbox 360 S 250 GB ‘Batman: Arkham City' Bundle for Europe [Gamerant]

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Is the 360 controller modeled after a batarang?

That's kind of a deal breaker if it's not.