Bastion's Creator Says There'll Be No DLC for the Game

The widely acclaimed action RPG Bastion will not be getting any DLC—at least DLC that extends the story—the game's developer said in an interview.

"We have no plans to extend the game in that way," Greg Kasavin, the game's writer and creative director, told The Morton Report. "As I was saying before, we held nothing back. It's meant to be a complete story, so there are no obvious extensions."


Kasavin said his studio, Supergiant Games, will still support Bastion post-release and "I guess you could call something like the Portal turrets DLC," but seemed pretty definite no more content was planned.

"We're probably going to go dark here in the sense that our game is out there and whatever we do next probably isn't going to happen for a while," Kasavin said later in the interview, which further indicates that Supergiant has moved on from Bastion.

This came from the second of two parts of a wide-ranging interview in which Kasavin discusses much more about the game, its development and reception.

Interview: Supergiant Games' Greg Kasavin on Bastion (Part Two) [The Morton Report]


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