When you think of vending machine robberies, you probably think of folks sticking their arms up into it and swiping a drink. You don't think of a heartless bastard ripping out the machine's heart.

Well, maybe you do! That's what recently happened at Samukawa High School in Kanagawa, Japan. Two vending machines, stocked with Kirin beverages, were gutted for their cash boxes.

Cops arrived on the scene as students tweeted out images of the murdered machines. "Samukawa High is totally nuts, right?" tweeted Twitter user Remi. "How bad did they want the money? On the other hand, gotta give them props for going this far."

[Photos: ayaka11213]

[Photos: h_takoyakiiii]

The school does not have the best reputation, and it's unclear if students did this. Crimes like this, especially against vending machines, are relatively rare in Japan. On 2ch, the country's largest web forum, people were surprised by the images. "This looks like the work of pros," wrote one 2ch commenter. "This happened in Japan?" asked another.

[Photo: ayaka11213]

And murdered right in front of their two children! The horror, you can still see it in their eyes.


I'm just sad they ripped out the vending machines' hearts. I'm assuming the police are looking into this as a theft, which obviously makes sense. However, they might want to also investigate this for what, no doubt, it really was: a ritual sacrifice.

偏差値41の高校の自販機www [2ch]

Top photo: Remi

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