Bash Zombie Heads in with a Wrench in The Dead Linger

One of the cool things about PC gaming is the opportunity to get in on interesting games before they're even finished and try them out. Many of us started playing Minecraft back when it was far from the polished experience it is today-there's just something cool about poking around in an unfinished game.


But even considering how many PC game developers are willing to let players handle their games ahead of release, it's not that often you see an Alpha available that's this rough. But if you preorder The Dead Linger, you can play the alpha you see here.

The game sounds pretty cool, a procedural zombie survival sandbox sim that looks quite a bit different from DayZ. More info can be found at The Dead Linger website.


-Kirk Hamilton

(Via Rock, Paper Shotgun)

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We need to dial up the coverage on this game. Getting bout that time. Go check out dead linger again.