Dragon Ball FighterZ’s First DLC Characters Are Bardock And Broly

Illustration for article titled emDragon Ball FighterZ/em’s First DLC Characters Are em/emBardock And Brolyem/em

Because of course what the game needs is more Saiyans.

I kid (mostly). The news comes from the latest issue of V-Jump by way of Siliconera. No pricing data or release dates have yet been revealed.

I’ve actually always had a big soft spot for Bardock, Goku’s father. He’s like Radditz crossed with Turles (the Goku-look-alike from Tree of Might) but a good guy, sort of. Also, in lieu of a plain, black-haired Goku using Kaio-ken techniques instead of Super Saiyan Kamehamehas, he does had little bit of diversity to the roster. Broly meanwhile will no doubt end up being the biggest Dragon Ball FighterZ character model, at least of the time being. Whether he’ll be overpowered like he has been in so many past games remains to be seen.

His super is going to be Gigantic Meteor, usually an attack where he charges forward and just wrecks whoever he’s able to get his hands on in the process. Bardock, meanwhile, will be sporting the Revenger Assault which transforms him into a Super Saiyan so he blast the hell out of whoever he’s facing.


I’m still hopeful the roster will begin to get a little less Saiyan-centric in the later half of the year. Who knows, maybe eventually will get another Namekian (Nail?) or Master Roshi. Hell, maybe Arc Systems will even eventually add another woman to the cast!

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Bardock is essentially a reskin of Goku. There will now be 4 Gokus in this game.