Barcode Society Gives Hitman Fans an Official Club

Agent 47 may just look like a bald guy in a suit from the front but that iconic barcode on the back of his neck lets you know that there's something different about him. Something deadly.

That bit of design branding's the visual anchor for the new Barcode Society community site Square Enix's launching today. It's got the usual assortment of contests, release news, fan art and teasers for admirers of the shiny-domed death dealer and promises to be updated weekly.


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Jake Indiman

I have never played the Hitman series. I have heard it's unbearingly hard. Plus, I watched a bit of the movie, which turned me off completely. I am sure I am missing a gem. But there is so many titles coming out this year that I want. It's just so unbelievable.