Banned Cosplayer Capitalizing on Her Game Show Infamy

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This summer, cosplayer Li Ling was booted from China Joy, the country's largest game show. She was appearing at the booth for ZQgame, who contracted the model to promote its new Saint Seiya game. Ling's appearance and outfit was orchestrated game PR.


Dressed as Athena, Ling caused quite a stir. Her revealing costume showed off more than her underpants—way more. Her outfit was dubbed "vulgar", and she was banned from the show after her first day on the job.

Since then, she's talked about the incident. Recently, she said that the costume, which the developer had seemingly provided, was too small and ill fitting. Uh, yeah.

Ling also said she's fired her manager and decided to do more freelance modeling—which tend to involve her in various states of undress. Most recently, she's appeared in a series of photos that have her covering her topless body with a keyboard. The photos appear to be connected to, surprise, an online game company.

Before this incident, Ling already did this sort of modeling—but this must be the first time in China that someone has built his or her entire career on being booted from a game show.

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She looks like a fish with a boob job.