Recently, a man walked into China Construction Bank in Shanghai with a meat cleaver. He apparently wanted to rob the bank. Things did not go as planned.

The man entered the bank, while talking on the phone. When he looked like he was going to pull the fire alarm, a guard supposedly shouted at him. The man then pulled the cleaver and allegedly told the teller, "This is a robbery."

The teller, safe behind glass, chuckled as the man continued to talk on the phone.

According to Xinhuanet, police took the would-be robber into custody to question his motive and evaluate his mental faculties. They might want to examine his criminal ones, too.

Naturally, GIFs of the amused bank teller are currently making the rounds on popular Chinese sites.

上海一男子持菜刀抢银行 女柜员被逗笑(图) [XinhuaNet]

Video: 中国中央电视台官方网站

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