Banjo 3 A "Clean Start" For Rare

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Speaking as part of a long, long interview with CVG, Rare design head Gregg Mayles talks in-depth about the freshly-announced Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. First revelation? Banjo's let himself go - "slobbing out," as Mayles says, while poor Grunty starts off as only a head until he hooks himself up with a mechanical body, all the better to help Banjo bounce back from this apparent midlife crisis.


Mayles also is anxious about how Banjo loyalists might receive this overhauled installment, hoping that those surprised by the new flavor will give it a chance. All in all, Mayles says the Rare team is hoping the third installment will act as something of a franchise reboot:

We've kind of taken a step back from that and tried to make it a simpler, cleaner approach, obviously with this new mechanic in place. I guess we're all hoping for a clean start, that's what I think it'll do. It's kind of, 'There's your old Banjo games, let's put those in the past, you can remember how good those were, this is Banjo for the future'.

Mayles also suggests that comparisons to Super Mario Galaxy will be unavoidable:

And what do you think of Mario Galaxy?

Mayles: Very good.

That's it?

Mayles: I'm still playing it in my spare time. I thought it was an exceedingly polished, traditional platforming game, and frankly quite difficult to beat. If you were going to go along the similar lines, going for a very traditional, fixed-abilities, fixed-task kind of thing, I think it certainly would have been a massive challenge to try and go one up on that.

I think we're trying to approach it in a different direction. Obviously we will be compared to Galaxy, we can't get around that, but I'd like to think we offer something a bit different to Mario Galaxy and hopefully stand alongside it but for a different reason in terms of a different way of approaching things.

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"and not being an insane rabid Ninty fanboy soon realised that despite all the hype, it was an ulgy, malformed betrayal of a once-highly regarded franchise."

So what your saying is you are the insane rabid Ninty fanboy that spits and pisses all over change in your franchises, pisses all over causals and declares yourself 'teh hardcore'

Pretty much the people who most hated Wind Waker are the same people who endlessly rail on Nintendo to change things.

As for this, it seems Rare is finally coming to terms that when the Stamper Brothers and something akin to 40% of the Nintendo raised staff jumped ship when it was sold, they started to suck badly and just barely on the 360 out of three offerings, two were the only faint echos of a developer we grew up with.

Give me a solid platformer, keep the collect-a-fests low and give me tight controls Rare, along with bird and bear humor and you'll have my money.