Bandai Namco Clamping Down On Dark Souls 3 Streaming, But It's Too Late

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Dark Souls 3 doesn’t come out until April 12, but three weeks before its release, streamers could start sharing their experiences. As I recently observed, that didn’t over so well the series’ passionate fans. Now, Bandai Namco is trying to put the genie back in the bottle.

The embargo for Dark Souls 3 asked people to stop streaming after a certain set of bosses, but that was a decent chunk of the game!

Recently, Bandai Namco asked everyone to stop streaming—period.

“Our community team has asked streamers to stop streaming the PC version of Dark Souls III provided to them from us as we start to send the game out to a wider set of streamers,” the company told me in a statement.


I picked up on this when certain streamers were told to hold off.


“As more and more of these content creators receive Dark Souls III from Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc.” the company told me, “we are asking all content creators to wait until the launch of the game to continue their videos to avoid any confusion and create an even playing field for streamers and YouTube creators on April 12.”


There’s a good reason Bandai Namco lifted the embargo so early: Dark Souls 3 is already out in Japan. But the company was faced a dilemma. Spoilers for the new game were going to float out no matter what they did, so why not let people get a glimpse of the Western version coming out in April?

As it turned out, for some fans, the Japanese version was one thing, this was another. So while Dark Souls 3 ended up getting a bunch of exposure, the early, early, early access wasn’t entirely positive. (Lots of reviewers receive games ahead of time, but video is usually held closer to release.)


Will this stop everyone from streaming? Hard to say. It’s not the original embargo that people agreed to, and some didn’t get the memo. Bandai Namco could wave around copyright takedowns, if they want to get stingy about it. Hopefully, it doesn’t have to get that ugly. We’re so close!

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PsychoNun (Is actually a dude)

A not completely related question:

What was so fucking horrible about Dark Souls II?

I dont think Im such a Hardcore player, but I played Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II (DSII being the most recent) and I found it completely enjoyable, but I always hear how DSII sucks and this and that, and I dont really understand the hate.