BalanCity Is SimCity Meets Jenga

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Managing a city is hard. Managing a city that could topple off a teetering platform and into the hungry sea below at any moment is harder.


I don’t really know why BalanCity exists, but I’m glad it does. I mean, look at this. It’s goofy as hell:

You try to keep your population happy and growing and also holy fuck why is everyone on this obscenely fragile death perch we’re all dooooooomed. Seems straightforward enough.

My only worry is that BalanCity’s city builder aspect seems a bit thin, kinda like—oh, off the top of my head—an obscenely fragile death perch or a barebones city building game. Here’s how the developer describes it:

“Make sure your residents have access to power and jobs. Plant a couple of trees nearby to clean up the air and lay out transportation lines to make your population grow. Every now and then you will need to set up a special landmark building in order to build higher and higher.”

There will be some amusing modes to compliment that, though. Real Life Scenarios (ex. San Francisco) are apparently in the works, as are a mission mode and story mode. The San Francisco option seems especially apt, seeing as that’s exactly how my fair city of residence will look after the apocalyptic earthquake we’re long overdue for finally hits.

BalanCity is on Steam Greenlight right now. If all goes according to plan, it will be out sometime toward the middle of 2016.


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