Game Informer Magazine has revealed that the new Gears of War game teased earlier this week will be called Gears of War: Judgment, and will feature franchise characters Baird and Cole, possibly in more central roles.

From Game Informer:

The new installment in Epic's million-dollar franchise is Gears of War: Judgment. The July cover of Game Informer shows series mainstay Damon Baird shackled as the Locust hordes rage around him. Augustus "Cole Train" Cole, soldier and world-famous Thrashball player, dons our second cover image in the same precarious situation.

As Stephen points out, Gears of War: Judgment makes for a pretty excellent acronym: "GOWJ," which can be read like a more badass way of spelling "Gouge."

Here's the second cover, featuring Cole Train:


July Cover Revealed: Gears Of War Judgment [Game Informer]