Two slightly odd gameplay videos from Square Enix's upcoming RPG The Last Remnant. Full marks for actually containing gameplay - I get sick of watching endless animated bullshots, but these look great. The first video shows how a typical battle will play out - fairly standard Square-style stat shuffling with combos, breakers and whatnot. I always find these confusing to watch but this seems particularly frenetic. You can see a couple of characters using the game's new Quick Time Event system to execute special attacks with timed button presses. Nice rawk soundtrack too. Assuming that is actually from the game. The next video is altogether less stressful - but no less confusing. Protagonist Rush Sykes runs around a marshland, splashing through pools of water and reeds and weaving in and out of what looks like a herd of giant levitating pink shrimp. It looks pretty. The shrimp notice him. Fade to black. Ok then!