Wow. GTA Online can be damn terrifying!

Yesterday, GTA Online got a special holiday update that included a new “Slasher Adversary” mode. Seven people get flashlights. One person gets a shotgun. If the prey can survive for three minutes, they get a chance to be a slasher. Obviously, this is pretty seasonally appropriate given that it’s almost Halloween.

Even so, most Slasher matches will not have a moment as perfect as this one by Jordie Kirk:

The creeping in the darkness. The stealth. All to wait for an opportune moment! Then and only then does the player emerge from the darkness to kill the Slasher.


Wait, what?

I love that twist. The mood almost makes it seem like it’s the killer that’s staying out of view, since that’s how it happens in the movies, but in actuality it’s just a really good player who says “fuck that” to becoming a victim.


You gotta love the shot that the Slasher takes immediately after being hit over the head with the glass bottle, too. Amazing.