Bad Company Now Spoofs Gears, Rainbow Six

Fresh off a sendup of Metal Gear come two more amusing trailers flacking Battlefield: Bad Company. One (above) cracks on Gears of War's haunting "Mad World" campaign. The second (below, after the jump) goes after Rainbow Six.


Despite all that has gone on with this game in the past, I kinda do want to see what this one is all about. It gets really enervating playing tactical shooters that faithful adhere to painstaking rules of engagement, when all you want to do is huck a grenade and wade into the firefight. Whether indulging that release is enough to sustain an entire game, I dunno, but I at least wanna see it.


"This is supposed to be a stealth mission!"


You have no idea how many times I have had that same conversation with a game.

Battlefield: Bad Company Trailers Parody Gears of War, Rainbow Six [Joystiq, and thanks to Mike for the YouTube links yesterday.]

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I don't know why some of you guys are thinking that bad company is trying to say that they are better than all the games they are making fun of. They're just making a joke. You guys get all defensive over so games like someone threw a rock at your puppy. You think celebs get made every time theres a sketch on SNL or MadTV making fun of them?

Whats going to funny is to see some of you commentors saying shit like "oh the controls are horrible" even though it basically controls just like COD4, and that the game blows, but after it launches will be singing it's praises.

Bad Company, from my experience with the demo, doesn't seem like it's going to be any worse that COD4 or RS:V. But because it's being published by EA everyone likes to give it shit. Heaven forbid EA release a good game every once in ahwile.