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Backbreaker Studio Now Working On "Icebreaker"

Illustration for article titled Backbreaker Studio Now Working On Icebreaker

NaturalMotion Games, the developer of the football cult fave Backbreaker, is now working on an ice hockey game apparently titled "Icebreaker," according to a video profile by the BBC.


In the video, you can see the U.K. studio's animation team at an ice rink in Leeds, doing motion capture of hockey players. In the office, an animator's monitor reveals the word "Icebreaker," done in Backbreaker's logo style.

Reached for comment, Torsten Reil, the NaturalMotion CEO, told Kotaku to pay no attention to the man behind Oz's curtain:

"At this point, we don't have any announcements to make about specific upcoming games," Reil said. "We are working on multiple properties and will reveal our strategy and line-up soon."


Hockey, a full-contact sport like American football, would seem a logical progression for NaturalMotion, whose Euphoria engine showcased unique collisions in real time in Backbreaker. Other games using Euphoria include Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Grand Theft Auto IV.

Behind The Scenes At UK Games Developer [BBC]

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A Hockey game made with the Euphoria engine sounds *awesome*

Having an NHL Licence would determe if I buy it.