Back To The Future's Trailer Will Have Your Emotions Running at 88mph

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This is our first look at Telltale's upcoming Back to the Future series of adventure games. If you enjoyed any of the three films, even in the slightest, you must watch this clip.

Not for how Telltale have seemingly captured the spirit of the films or the time. Or for how the super-stylised versions of the trilogy's characters actually look pretty good in motion on a computer monitor.

No, watch it for the guy doing the voice for lead character Marty McFly. You would swear that was Michael J. Fox, the actor who played Marty in the original films, reprising his role, but no. It's not. It's some kid, called A.J. Locascio, who is a practical nobody, but who will henceforth be known as the guy who can sound exactly like Michael J. Fox.


Telltale, if you ever decide to do a Family Ties series of episodic adventure games, you've found your guy!

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Ok lucy has some "splain" to do. The delorain was destroyed in BTTF 3 and Doc went back to the 1800's to live with his new family. Yeah, yeah I know, time travel... but it just seems impossible for the doc to make yet another time machine and it just so happens to be made out of a a delorean, ect...