To: Ash
From: Crecente

I wish we could all work together in the same room more often. You guys are such an inspiration. It's amazing to see how many stories you are able to write, how many sharp interviews you do, how many games you play and analyze in such a short period of time.


Viewed from outside, E3 is just three days of gaming. But when you're there, feet on the ground, controllers in your hand, it is like a battle. You're fighting time, you're fighting the crowds, you're fighting your own body's need for sleep, for food, for water.

It's the journalism equivalent of running a marathon.

Some stats: On just Tuesday alone Luke wrote 42 stories. That is insane. And that doesn't include the exhaustive, exhausting on-the-ground coverage you guys all provided. It was stunning.

I spent an entire summer covering wildfires in Colorado. I slept in my car, I wore fire gear, I walked from sun up to sundown in boots and I wrote nonstop, but that wasn't as exhausting as E3. I know it sounds crazy. It's easy to forget that just because video games are a leisure, because they are built for amusement, doesn't mean that the job of writing about them can't be exhausting.

But no complaints from me. I love my job, I love it even more because I have such a solid team of people working for Kotaku.

There are days when I think it would be nice to double the size of our staff, to leap from seven to 14, but part of me thinks the exhaustion, the need to pick and choose your coverage carefully, keeps us scrappy and on our toes. It's tactics over brute force and that's how I like it.

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On just Tuesday alone Luke wrote 42 stories. That is insane.

I joined specifically for E3 coverage and I don't think it was that insane. A lot of that was trailers, a lot of it was screenshots, at least two were reminders that he'd be posting stuff, and 3 were recaps.

Actual stories would probably be around 15.