Baby Update

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: MangaMangaManga Man, that some seriously old stuff............. And that Bandai ad, ha! Went to the doctor's today with the wife to check out the baby crawling around in her swollen belly. Good news: The baby seems healthy. What's more, the kid's apparently "a week ahead in the projected growth cycle" — if that makes any sense. Guess that mean's he's slightly bigger this week? Perhaps he can take next week off! It's getting hard for the wife to get around. She can't tie her shoes, even. But she seems to be in good spirits, hanging in there. What you missed last night First GTA Chinatown Details Tecmo And Koei To Have Concrete Plan In Two Months Xbox 360 The Best Selling Console In Japan? Media Create Says 'No' Tekken 6: Blood Rebellion Looks Good In Direct-Feed (But What's With The Hair?) Square Enix President Sorta Dates Dragon Quest IX (Mentions Tecmo) Rumor: Burnout Paradise Bikes Hint At Looming Conflict Between Publishers And GameStop Microsoft: Nun Unh, Peter Moore, Rare Is So Relevant


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