Baby Meets Xbox 360 Controller, Loses Her Freakin' Mind

This small child isn't terribly interested in a green cup. She's damn interested in that Xbox 360 controller, though.


She's not laughing at it. It's not quite a scream, either. Or a cry. She's just...freaking out, and won't stop staring at the left analogue stick. Leaving us to wonder if that man created a baby human with a woman whose nipples look like analogue sticks. And if so, where he found her.

[via Gizmodo]

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I want to know something.

Why Kotaku is always bashing the 360 ?

Everytime Kotaku post any kind of news about the 360 is always something like this. Something negative posted with the only purpose of bashing the system.

Dont get me wrong, I own a 360 and a PS3, but the same way I want the PS3 to be treated well, I want the 360 to receive the same treatment.

Is it because the 360 is an western console ? I know that this is a western site, but is too obvious that more than half of the people contributing to this site are weebos and otakus.

And is easily noticeable by the constantly posting of news that ate completely useless but are posted because is something japan related. I still remember the time when Kotaku posted a news from a japanese voice actress, that one cared, or gives a fuck outside japan, but still posted because she said in a interview that she wanted to do the voices for more games characters.

Its because of this Kotaku ? Are you so weeaboo that you enjoy bashing western consoles and gaming company's ?

Recently you posted a news about a glitch in Convictions. Why dont you post another news about a glitches in GOW 3 ? Is it because its a PS3 exclusive and you dont want to bash it ?