Awww, The Vita's Awesome New TV Thing Might Not Come To The West

It sounds stupid on paper, but the PS Vita TV is one of the most interesting, and for my life situation appealing pieces of gaming tech to come along in a long time. So naturally, it might only be released in Asia. Sadness.


In an interview with regional gadget site Tech-On, Sony's Andrew House said that the company is only currently going to sell the Vita TV in Asian markets like Japan, China and South Korea, with no plans to offer it in the US or Europe "at this point".

Which seems slightly crazy. The first thing a lot of people in the West were saying once they got their head around the unit was that it was like Apple TV, only better, because games. If Sony don't end up selling it over here, that'll be a damn shame.

[Interview] SCE President Speaks of PS Vita TV [Tech-On]


Debunked already, get your shit together.…