Awful New Look for Ken and Hidden Costumes Discovered in Street Fighter V DLC Update

The first part of the March update for Street Fighter V has already hit, bringing new modes and improvements to Capcom’s latest fighting game. It’s also got some stuff players aren’t supposed to be able to see, including a new alternate look for Ken that is definitely not an upgrade.

The earlier part of this week’s update brought new customization features to Street Fighter V for the current roster of World Warriors. As discovered by NeoGAF user Garret Hawke, the update also harbors options that were secreted away.


The new looks revealed by datamining are fun, especially Zangief’s Macho Man-inspired outfit.

New DLC character Alex isn’t supposed to show up until tomorrow but footage showing him in action is already showing up in the wild, featuring him in moveset breakdowns and a variety of match-ups against various SFV characters.

The one guy who didn’t get so lucky? Ken. People have been going in on this new design for the Street Fighter mainstay. It’s nowhere near as good as his last one.


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