San Jose-based artist David Canavese must be some sort of Jedi. Make that, a paper Jedi. He can take paper products of varying thickness, whether they're typing paper or index cards, and add some white glue to create super small Star Wars ships.

Oh, did I say Canavese doesn't use tweezers or magnification? Well, he doesn't. He must use mind tricks.


While certainly not all his work is Star Wars themed, here are some of his Star Wars pieces. There is a "Mobquet Medium Transport" (above) from the Star Wars comic book series Dark Empire.

Below, you can see a half-inch long Millennium Falcon, which took over eight hours to complete, as well as a 2.25-inch long Blockade Runner from Star Wars: A New Hope, which took over a week to finish.

More recently, he's been working on a Pincer-Class Heavy Transport from the graphic novel Star Wars: X-wing Rogue Squadron - The Phantom Affair.



If you want to know more about Canavese (and why the hell wouldn't you?), check out his Facebook page or his official site in the links below.


Otherlife Art [Facebook]
Otherlife [Official Site via Obvious Winner]
Otherlife Art [Etsy]

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