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Ubisoft's special guest star at their press event turned out to be James Cameron — action flick director extraordinaire.


Now, every gamer who also loves Aliens, Terminator and True Lies probably has nothing but mad respect for Mr. Cameron. But I've never heard (or rather seen) so many Twitters about how boring the guy's 13-minute talk about Avatar was. Come on, guys — this is the man responsible for the sex scene in Titanic! How could he be boring?

Answer: spending about five of those 13 minutes going on about helicopters against 10-ft tall cavemen and something about having sex with giant blue tiger people. Mike Fahey might have made that last part up, I dunno.


But Luke Plunkett reports that while slaving away on the new film, Avatar, Cameron has also been working closely with Ubsioft on the game. The two mediums share a setting, but not a plot — however, there's a lot of creative overlap in stuff like lighting decisions. Also, he says, " When the game needed something the movie didn't provide, the Ubi team were given the green light to do their on thing."

Now that makes me more nervous than an over-long talk about sex with tiger people. Here's hoping this week's demo can reassure me.

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