Zack Zwiezen
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Sunday 5:55PM

Hah, you know, I love Florence and the Machine, but I was a bit shocked to hear that song when I beat Dragon Age 2. Or I would have been shocked if Origins hadn’t ended with the utterly jarring 30 Seconds to Mars song. That was... weird. Read more

Sunday 5:54PM

Excited for Scarlet Nexus and Mario golf. Not sure if I'll get both at the same time though

Sunday 5:46PM

Mario Golf: Advance Tour was pretty good back in the day, with RPG-elements... best golf game since Leaderboard on the C64! Rush could be good summer fun. I tend to agree with opinions that golf is probably more fun as a videogame than in real life, but I do play disc golf - which is usually free and a lot more casual Read more

Sunday 5:30PM

A new leading cause of gaming death is because of doors.
If you must game, please do not door.
Don’t do doors.

Sunday 5:26PM

M4 Part II is fine, go to Dragon Age: Origins for a really crazy end credits song. It’s by Jared Leto. It’s so incongruous compared to the extremely Lord of the Rings-ish piece that follows.

Sunday 4:41PM

M4 Pt.2 rocks and is pretty beloved by the community - so much so that there was a lot of disappointment when Faunts didn’t return for the ME2 credits, and Bioware brought them back for the ME3 credits!
I was super hyped by it the first time I finished Mass Effect, it puts me in mind of 80s action movies like Point Read more

Sunday 4:37PM

And Dragon Age II ends on a Florence & The Machine song. Bioware wasn’t really in the right headspace for credits songs for a while there.

Sunday 1:59PM

LOL I ran into that door last night, instantly died, and I had no idea what happened. I went back to the same spot, but it didn’t kill me again.

Sunday 1:43PM

If this door were real and in a public place, it would quickly become the leading cause of death in that area. People would watch other people touch the door and die, and still be like, “Yeah, but I mean, it doesn’t really kill you, right? I’m gonna just touch it a little.

Saturday 3:45PM

Broforce was some of the most fun I have had playing with friends in a long time. Based on that alone I am more than willing to try something else from this team.

Saturday 3:44PM

Damn, that’s a brilliant drawing-board concept for a game. The closest to it I can recall offhand is SimEarth, but even that one eventually pushed you towards intelligent life that clawed its way up the technological ladder. Read more

Saturday 1:16PM

I had so much fun playing couch co-op L4D with my college roommates so this is incredibly disappointing.

6/13/21 12:56PM

When you have a large pot, there is one thing you have to use it for: