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I’m pretty sure plenty of people are talking about Starfield already without a magic puddle needed to be included. Read more

From what I understand, RDR1's code is a bit of duct-taped-together mess. But it’s not lost. Just really tricky to work with. Read more

Oh cool! I love Lower Decks. You folks do good work over there ! Read more

Yeah. I remember realizing that I really needed to just use that gun and it helped.  Read more

Yup, it slipped into the wrong column. Sorry!  Read more

This is def a different LEGO game from the past ones. Plays more like a modern shooter/action game. So that might help! It is also on Game Pass, if you have that.  Read more

I literally watch every new episode on Mondays. And rewatch the old episodes all the time. And yeah, I still greatly prefer (most of the time) stuff from season 2-8. Read more

A lot of people, myself included, had to force the update on Android via the Google Play Store.  Read more

Oh yes. This is very much a AA game. (Didn’t use that in the review because wasn’t sure how well known of a term it was!)  Read more

I didn’t think about this until you pointed it out and now I’m frustrated more.  Read more

Same! I want more of this, but I don’t want Star Wars to stop also being weird/cheesy/mostly for kids, too. Read more