Zack Zwiezen
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Saturday 1:30PM

It helps when nobody is really playing your game. (I say this as a sad Knockout City fan who knows the game is not long for this world.) 

6/10/21 12:32PM

You hate slideshows. I know! Here’s a hack: Resize your desktop window’s width/size and eventually you’ll get a simple list article. (This how it looks on mobile.) Read more

5/23/21 3:30PM

Yup. This is what happens when you try to cut stuff and don’t uh.. check to make sure you didn’t break a sentence. lol 

5/10/21 6:34PM

Yeah, I know, that’s why I included a paragraph of text in the blog you should have read first.

5/03/21 1:51AM

I fucked up the list and uh... just noticed now. My brain is bad and Im sorry everyone! 

4/22/21 3:55PM

I suspect that it will work like this for the foreseeable future. While there aren’t any code changes, Im guessing they are still being careful and want to test games before adding FPS Boost. 

4/11/21 3:54PM

I think it can look great if designed right. I also think the clean look of lower poly/res games helps in some genres. A LOT of shooters today can look too busy or messy, with tons of great props and textures. But that makes it harder and harder to focus on the action.