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A good DM doesn’t operate like this. A good DM wants the players to experience the most interesting possibilities, especially if they’re trying something as weird as throwing feces at a goblin. It should be a very simple check to pass, with the possibility of failure the far more unlikely and potentially interesting Read more

As bad as it is now, the internet is going to be sooooo shit in like 3-ish years
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I’ve got an almost unclearable wall with fighting games - arthritis-related issues mean I just don’t have the dexterity to play at anywhere approaching a skill level for online play, so as much as I adore the stories and characters I usually give them a pass. Read more

I’m a PC gamer, but I usually just throw away the money on buying prebuilt computers because I’m afraid of fucking up on building my own :( Last time I got a new PC I almost did build my own, but I chickened out.
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To be fair, there are barely any couch co-op games for consoles these days either. Much to my dismay.  Read more

For me, it was Flora and Lyn from Fire Emblem. Amazing women with an amazing dynamic, and if it wasn’t my first exposure to WLW rep in video games, it’s the first one I remember.
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I’ll try to keep this spoiler-light: Read more

Reviews like this one show how good it was for Kotaku to ditch scores all those years ago.

Well written. I’m looking forward to finishing this game sometime in the next few weeks. Read more

I’ll make an exception for Deadpool cosplayers who cosplay him and play up his canonically pansexual side. I wish the comics played it up as much as they do Harley’s bisexuality. Read more

I think it’s funny, looking back at FFIV, just how HARD they resisted giving you the ability to switch out your party members. It’s a staple in the series now, but conveniently everytime someone new wanted into your party, someone else had just died or left so that you never had more than 5 at a time. Only game Read more

Look at that, this is what happens when you *don’t* cheap out on the submarine. You don’t get crushed like an empty beercan.
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This story is actually important for a lot of reasons that are still relevant (disclaimer: I work with these people and on these stories.) Here’s the original report:
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This almost has to be incel behavior. They are an interesting group. I saw the manifesto video of the Santa Barbara killer recently and it was weird, creepy incel madness, with his weird movie villain “laugh” etc. Read more

I just hate that people needs to be represented on a game or anywhere, that takes so much out of what a writer o creator can and could do. We know a lot of this decision are market research and what’s “in” now. Read more

Maybe it’s because... let me check on the app quick... a small fry on it’s own is fucking $2.59. That’s 230 calories for $2.59. I can get a 250 calorie hamburger for $1.49 or a 400 calorie McDouble for $2.29. Like, I’m not here to do pricing strategy for you, McCEO. Read more

When the fries cost nearly as much as the burger I stopped buying.   Read more

I couldn’t finish Ghost of Tsushima because of how annoyingly windy it was. Read more

...noted that fusing revealed some cumbersome controls... Read more

Intended or not, I read the headline in this voice.