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It’s practically a running joke that people play this and ignore saving Zelda to go do random stuff, as the design of open world games makes it so you get easily distracted by whatever is in front of you. Since the sky island stuff seems like the tutorial, it’s not outlandish to think someone might wonder if they Read more

it appears to be a bethesda situation, which is a shame, because personally i’ve written some of the best botw community coverage around and kotaku specifically has continued that. some random somewhat recent examples that come to mind: Read more

i think what a lot of people are missing is that just because the creators say they want to make ellie a certain way doesn’t mean they were 100% successful. to me she came across as mostly traumatized, but the context changes once you hear what they intended for it to come across as. and it’s especially interesting Read more

i think most people aren’t running things that directly counter moving decks  Read more

yeah i’m like low 40's but i’ve slowed down on playing a lot in the last week, now inspired to get back in there. my problem is that i start winning a lot and then start making really complicated or weird decks to entertain myself and then lose the progress i was making, i was about to hit 50 and threw it in the trash Read more

now i want this to happen. and she’ll induce a pile-on of her fans on you somehow  Read more

stanley was great, and really wouldn’t have worked at all without the narration -- the entire game is built around it, mechanically. bastion, i didn’t like as much but i def am an outlier on that  Read more

points for hannah gadsby but i think ive only seen people call him the turtle pope personally :(  Read more

the alleged was about it getting planned on discord / the social media aspects, though there’s still the element of whether or not this person gets charged, but ok Read more

thank you for reminding me i have the gold scarab, for the times i do want to make an effort. its funny how much of this game is plainly, remembering what tools you have (and how to best make use of them) Read more

im just gonna say that in addition to the troll messages the dead guy did not look like a friend worth trusting  Read more

i know you had no way of knowing this, but there are many rooms like this and many chests as well. the visual itself not a unique chest or room Read more