Stephen Totilo
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Jan 7

No! I’m so sad to see this. I loved reading his work. András was a wonderful person who helped the TAY community out so much during his morning shifts. Spoke with him a few times to thank him and he was always so awesome and kind. I’ll forever be grateful to him. Read more

Jan 7

Wow, this is heartbreaking news. András was such a wonderful, pleasant, polite, hardworking member of the team. He will be missed. 

Dec 24

Biggest disappointment: that the competitive Smash community is full of sex pests, predators, and pedophiles. That’s definitely a top three “YIKES!”

Dec 11

Of course, the far bigger issue is that a loud proportion of Cyberpunk 2077 purchasers (and indeed any other big-name game) don’t want reviews at all. They want reassurance. They paid for this game nearly two years ago, for whatever illogical reason (“I’m supporting the massive multi-million dollar company!”), Read more

Dec 9

Man people are fucking garbage.

She rocks. She’s busting her ass to bring good content to people, doing something she clearly loves, and she’s beginning to see the benefits of her hard work starting to pay off.
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Nov 25

Really rooting for Biden's Labor Secretary to come in and ruin Vince's life.

Nov 25

Vince Mcmahons preferred way of doing things is getting more and more outdated. I’ve followed WWE for nearly 30 years and most of the stupid decisions the company has made can be traced to Vince himself. I for one think it’s stupid the wrestlers are considered contractors but that’s just how the business has been for Read more

Nov 25

The only thing required for a union to happen at this point is for the top guy to push for it. As stated in the article, Hogan was not that guy. Cena was clearly not that guy. Is Roman that guy? He took a bunch of time off for covid and everyone assumed he'd get a ton of shit for that, and yet upon his return he has Read more

Nov 11

dang, other than those shadows, Syndicate looks great.  I’d say it looks better than Valhalla so far.

Nov 3

Hell yeah. I may be white but this doesn’t mean I get represented less, it means other people can get represented more. Bring all people, Black, Hispanic, Women, LGBTQ+, everyone. The game industry has plenty of room for growth.

Nov 3

Took long enough but glad to have allies. The food is better on our side, when the world settles down; everyone is coming to dinner. I miss you all. 

Oct 21

AOC is a goddamned national treasure. Unabashedly progressive, kicked moderate ass in her elections, calls Republicans on their bullshit, skillfully claps back when they try to attack her, and she somehow successfully managed to merge political awareness with Twitch in a way that didn’t feel forced or scripted? In my Read more

Oct 16

The always invert setting was one of the best features of the 360 interface, and I have no idea why they dropped it.  It’s too bad that it’s never coming back (which is how I read the marketingspeak of their answer)

Oct 2

It doesn’t matter whether they’re Chinese or Japanese or Korean. We all look alike, but we don’t look like the majority (Caucasian), therefore we are just “Asian”. So as “outsiders”, it’s always easier to condense the foreign and exotic into visually recognizable generalizations. At least that’s how I’ve always Read more

Aug 5

Instead of not acknowledging it or explicitly showing it, the game opts for a middle ground between these two extremes. The result is a muddled and indecisive depiction of Jim Crow.” Read more

Jul 29

I feel like Byleth is less a non-binary character and more a result of non-binary friendly game design, much of which is probably an unintentional side-effect of time and cost-cutting measures. Programming in different pronouns into the text wouldn’t have been that hard, but re-recording all of the dialogue changes Read more