Stephen Totilo
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2/04/21 6:26PM

I agree with you. I was describing what many people expect, but when I write a review or edit one, I certainly want them to be something more than a shopping guide.

11/05/20 11:58AM

Can’t talk about it much yet other than to say it’s running well on my machine. No complaints and obvious differences between how it runs on my Series S vs One S.

11/05/20 11:57AM

The snarky answer would be: exclusive launch games. Like, not even commissioning a new Geometry Wars for launch? Come on.

I’m disappointed that they’ve had to put Quick Resume back in their workshop and won’t fully bring it back until launch or shortly thereafter. I can’t juggle Gears and Forza and some other games Read more

11/05/20 11:56AM


If you stand on it, it will make you taller.

If you hug it, you might feel less lonely.

If you draw a picture of a rainbow on it, it might cheer you up.

11/05/20 11:55AM

I don’t know if there’s an optional for a physical transfer, but the digital syncing support is great. The old and new systems send and receive the game saves from the cloud with no added effort needed on the user’s part. To test some games on One S vs Series S I’ve been going back and forth from one system to the Read more

11/05/20 11:52AM

My kids watch Disney+ every morning and didn’t even notice when I switched to running it from the One S to the Series S. Nearly identical dashboard, same experience.

11/05/20 11:50AM

I’m the only one on staff with a Series S and, unfortunately in terms of answering you, am upgrading from an Xbox One S. Read more

10/30/20 4:53PM

Not really. I don’t remember if it was accessible before I started the campaign, but the campaign prompts you to check it out pretty early on. Think of it more as a flashback that they’ve added to the main campaign. It’s just not a very exciting flashback! The difference in quality between it and the epilogue is Read more

10/27/20 10:26AM

People did turn their original PlayStations upside down to keep the disc drive working, so maybe they’re paying homage to the systems’ roots!

10/16/20 1:34PM

Yeah, that’s how I read the follow-up statement, too. Spencer didn’t seem to know off-hand why it had gone away--or even if it was ever coming back. I suggested to him that it was because whoever had implemented it back in the day was a person who inverts Y. And maybe they’re not at Xbox anymore?

10/16/20 1:32PM

I had intended to ask about Rare Replay for Switch, but his answer about Switch support overall seemed to address that. I guess we can all wonder what he talks to those Nintendo execs about. Maybe it’s about getting xCloud onto the Switch, which would be a way to get Rare Replay on there, at least when playing near Read more

7/20/20 7:34AM

You’re correct that what’s new here is that this is a “Partner Showcase.I’ve corrected our post. Though even that is semantics in that they’ve done indie showcases before, and therefore have done Direct-like events that don’t feature their own games.