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Ordered the vinyl of this game. Soundtrack is so good!
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I think some of the themes you mentioned about sacrifice and devotion are explored soooo well in Mother 3. I highly recommend the trouble it takes to make it playable.  Read more

i love this, and love that Lancer is right there! their new fantasy rpg looks very interesting as well. but i want to throw out some fun, get to learn games because there are some great intros to role playing that don’t need the crunch, like Honey Heist! Practitioners of Zed (group seeks magical power in a grim scifi Read more

The folks who make Lancer just released the playtest rules for their fantasy equivalent: Icon. It plays very similarly, but in a fantasy-punk world, and contains a lot of fun allusions to Final Fantasy, including giving characters limit breaks. All the different classes seem like allusions to different fantasy Read more

Blackbirds RPG just put up a kickstarter and looks incredible. Think dark fantasy ala Berserk or Dark Souls, really leans hard on the horror, but also those brief moments of human triumph and tenderness and peace. Read more

In the process of playing it myself. Getting by some of the crunch with old 3.5 knowledge of how things generally work. And god there is sooo much crunch to keep track of...but I do have some suggestions for surviving it. Read more

One thing to also mention: Deathloop reminds me more of Mooncrash than the base Prey, mostly in part to how the gameplay loop is similar in the character escapes. What frustrated me more was the sim timer that stopped runs after a set time, and I’m glad they repurposed that as the loop stress mechanic when Read more

Man, the writing at Kotaku has really hit a groove lately. Between Renata and John Walker, this is once again becoming my favorite place to just go read cool people wax lyrical about cool shit. Read more

Watching the trailer yesterday, I feel less like this is Pokemon: Breath of the Wild and more Monster Hunter: Pokemon. The camps, the quests to “hunt” the various pocket monsters, the mounts... It’s all very Monster Hunter to me. That’s actually a very valid direction for the series to take, so I hope it works out. Read more